Kyle definitely knows a thing or two about preparing for the long run. A former All-American collegiate and professional soccer player, Kyle finishing at CBKyle is on a lifelong quest to enjoy new adventures. Following the conclusion of his soccer playing days, 
Kyle jumped into triathlons and marathons, where he competed inKyle in Hawaii
numerous events, including 6 Ironman distance races. He culminated his triathlon and marathon racing careers when he achieved his goal of qualifying for and competing in both the Hawaii Ironman and the Boston Marathon. Klye
Following those two big events, he hung up his wetsuit, sold his time trial bike and bought some skate skis and a .22 caliber rifle. Kyle adopted the sport of biathlon, which is primarily a winter sport focusing on cross country skiing and rifle marksmanship.  Kyle currently competes in both winter biathlons and summer biathlons (which are competitions in mountain biking and shooting or trail running and shooting). In addition to biathlon, Kyle sometimes enters trail running and mountain bike races. Kyle trail running
The training and preparation required for the many different events is really the attraction for Kyle. He enjoys being outdoors and 
Kyle in Spaininvolved in some sort of physical activity whenever possible. 
Kyle shooting prone

Kyle enjoys spending time with his pets: Yama & Yuki (Ragdolls) and Ricco & Cella (Entlebuchers!).

Yama & Yuki (6 months)
Ricco & Cella under Mary's desk (July 2016)

The security that you leave your family tomorrow will ultimately be determined by the preparation that you do today. Let Kyle assist you in this planning process. You’ll be happy that you did!                     
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